3.2 Benefits
Benefits of collective intelligence
Applying collective intelligence to your application impacts it in the following manner:
  • Higher retention rates —The more users interact with the application, the stickier it
gets for them, and the higher the probability that they’ll become repeat visitors.
  • Greater opportunities to market to the user—The greater the number of interactions,
the greater the number of pages visited by the user, which increases the opportunities
to market to or communicate with the user.
  • Higher probability of a user completing a transaction and finding information of
interest —The more contextually relevant information that a user finds, the better
the chances that he’ll have the information he needs to complete the transaction
or find content of interest. This leads to higher click-through and
conversion rates for your advertisements.
  • Boosting search engine rankings —The more users participate and contribute content,
the more content is available in your application and indexed by search
engines. This could boost your search engine ranking and make it easier for
others to find your application.